Our Partners

Risco Specialties is proud to be the sole distributor for Aqua Cure International in the Middle East. Aqua Cure International is a leading supplier of innovative, high-performance water and wastewater treatment chemicals for industrial, commercial, and process applications based in New York, U.S.A. Aqua Cure International has an extensive range of advanced technology water treatment chemicals that have been developed to improve the management of those problems commonly associated with the treatment of industrial and commercial process waters such as scale, corrosion, biofouling, suspended solids. Aqua Cure International has also worked very closely with Risco Specialties in developing, testing, and grading the chemical formulations for the Specialty Chemicals Division.

Risco Specialties is pleased to include globally recognized organization- Bosch as an exclusive partner. Bosch products have an outstanding reputation for quality throughout the world and now, Risco Specialties is pleased to extend that same quality to Saudi Arabia. Bosch Industrie-Kessel includes an effective product and services portfolio for the large-scale plant sector with everything to meet your specific requirements when it comes to industrial boilers, combined heat and power systems, ORC systems, or large-scale solar systems. Bosch will offer you reliable and energy-efficient system solutions.

Risco Specialties is pleased to be an exclusive representative and distributor for Bosch Industriekessel in Saudi Arabia.